Hear from my clients about their experience with energy healing.


Manny mUros

Karen Roberts is one of the most talented and gifted healers I have met in my 25 years as a seeker and spiritual teacher. She has been a wonderful resource for my personal growth. I have seen first hand hundreds of individuals she has assisted on their path. Karen has a unique, divinely given gift for releasing blocks that limit our potential.


deb baier

I initially contacted Karen based on a recommendation from an Alternative Healthcare provider. I was in the throws of a healing crisis at the time and that's when I learned about Karen and what she does. I was very intrigued. I booked an appointment with her and I have never looked back. Not only did Karen remove many blockages that were preventing my healing but we also became the best of friends. Karen is the real deal!! 

She is also the most loving and caring person that has been put here on Earth to help us heal. I am truly blessed to have her in my life, not only as a good friend but also as another avenue toward healing physically and emotionally.


damien davis

I can say with certainty that the healing sessions with Karen not only healed the all of the pain and suffering I was going through, but more importantly healed the deepest layers of pain and dysfunction I had been carrying and struggling with for my entire life!! It has taken some time for me to embrace and work with the healings and learnings Karen has shared From Spirit in our sessions, but I can honestly say that my life has been changed forever and I am happier and healthier than ever before.

I highly encourage anyone who is hurting in any amount of pain or suffering, trying to determine their life purpose or just wanting insight from Spirit to go and have a session with Karen. I am so grateful and blessed, as I now have so many exciting new beginnings in my life, relationships and work through the healing work done with Karen!

MR photo.jpg


Over the last 3 years, Karen Roberts has been a true angel to me. I believe her energy healings have fostered my spiritual and personal growth in a way that now I am on the most amazing journey thanks to Karen. She is someone who I trust explicitly and I don’t say this lightly. Trust takes years to build and only moments to destroy. Karen has earned my trust always. She is a gifted energy healer and I am so grateful having Karen in my life. If you have an open heart, I highly recommend Karen’s services to you. I have taken my dogs, husband and friends to Karen. So enjoy the journey. I wish you God’s speed and blessings to all.


Amy mirra

I am a woman in my 30's who has suffered from severe depression and anxiety since I was 14 years old. I have been on many medications and been to many therapists over the years. It wasn't until I found Karen that my life changed. She has literally changed and saved my life. I have been transformed from a fear of life to a life of hope and dreams.  

Every message she has received for me from the angels has come true. When I leave her office, I feel light and I am joyful. She has helped put me on the right path and heal from the emotional and physical trauma I have suffered in my life.

Ever since my first visit, she taught me how I'm never alone, how close I am to the other side and that everything is going be okay. She has taught me how to take away my anxiety, fears and addictions. She has also taught me to stay in the here and now and live a healthier lifestyle.