FREquently asked questions



The whole experience is very relaxing and comforting.

These healing sessions provide an opportunity to connect with your soul purpose. Clarity of mind, inner truth, serenity, improved physical health, and more joy and fulllfilment are just some of the positive attributes that people experience.

Your healing session begins with a conversation about the intent of your visit.  Together, our angels and guides begin to channel the highest and best for solutions to your current situation.  


The session continues on a heated crystal healing bed. As I tune into the body’s energy field utilizing evidential mediumship and past life history; we unlock what is blocking you. This creates greater awareness and profound shifts in physical, mental, and emotional health.


It is important to drink water after the healing to help continue to detoxify and continue to flush out any remaining energetic toxins.

The only requirement is to be as open as possible.


Is energy healing safe?

Yes, energy healing is done without touching the body and is a co-creation between the client, healer, and heaven. However, all aspects of this energy healing including mediumship and Angel Therapy® is not a substitute for any medical or psychological diagnosis and there is no warrantee or guarantee.


How long does a session last?

1 hour.



That all depends on the client. Karen recommends return visits when people feel blocked or unable to move forward from a situation in their lives.


Can a healing be done over the phone or on skype?

Yes! Energy is energy. These sessions are booked and conducted the same way as in person sessions.


How about mediumship? Can a client just have a mediumship reading or is it part of the energy healing?

Both, sometimes people just come for a session to connect to the spirit world to help with grief and grieving. It is important to grieve for a certain amount of time. However, if it has engulfed someone’s emotional body, it can cause physical ailments and mental suffering. If it is impeding your life, spirit communication shows us that there is life after death which provides comfort and relief for those of us in the physical world.

Energy work can provide profound healing in knowing that death is not an ending, but a beginning. Spirit communication comes into every healing that is done. Karen only communicates with people’s loved ones who have messages of forgiveness, guidance, and healing, and of course, love. Karen does not have any control over which loved one comes forward and what they will say, but all communications are guided by the angels and are uplifting and beneficial for all concerned in the physical and spiritual worlds.