We, the Earth have inhabited into a new paradigm.  The destructuring and restructuring of life as we know it is happening now.  The old emotions of fear and fret are on their way out the door as more and more light is poured into the planet and the previously darkened portals and vortexes are widening through various energy gateways and cosmic openings.

 Our job in all this is to deal with the unresolved issues that we have personally and know that we must start to trust our intuitions and place our faith in the most high. It is the time of personal responsiblity as we humans create our realities. And while the past may rear its head through present day circumstances, it is up to us to take ownership of it and clear it out with Divine Help.

 Day to day currently you may feel temporarily sleepless, lethargic, or confused and out of sorts.  At this amazing juncture in time, please know that it is to teach and to show that it is time to raise your vibration into the higher frequency of the light perhaps through a cleaner diet, more positive constructive thoughts, learn new things, more fresh air,  a time to move on from old relationships or careers that no longer serve your purpose.  Whatever it is, exciting change is afoot for all of us! 

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