Angelic Healing Clinics

 Each first Sunday of the month of 1- 3pm @  the sacred space of The Yoga Center of Newburyport, I am honored and happy to host loving support and healing to those in attendance of an Angelic Healing Clinic.  Yesterday, April 2nd, was the beginning of working with the energy of a group, being so happy to host loving divine assistance and healing to those in attendance.

  Thanks to all who were there yesterday! I feel so blessed to be able to sit with people who fearlessly were open, honest, understanding and loving.  The more open and honest we were, the more divine love came flowing through.

  Our new world is being attuned to higher vibrations and learning a mastery of self love and self respect.  We are being asked to understand a new language of light and a new profound understanding that we are molecules of deservingness, hope, respect, and honor and it is time to allow the new to shine in and shine on!!

 Call or email to sign up to join us for the next one on Sunday, May 7th!