The Work That I Do.

Although it took me many years to realize the gifts that I was created with, I am a life long clairvoyant and medium.  I understand that my life purpose is help heal others. I am an instrument of the Divine, being used in the most beautiful way to help humanity and myself reconnect to God and the love that is nourishment for the development of our souls in this classroom and curriculumin time, that is called Earth.

The work that I do or that is done through me, is a combination of what I have studied, and innate gifts from God.  What I have discovered through this work is that the most important ingredient is love. For that is what healing is, just love.  

The methods that I use are a combination of Atlantean wisdom and Shamanic techniques to open our hearts through the love and grace of God and the nondenominational extension of God’s love, Angels.

An Angel appeared in my bedroom one evening in 2008 when I was in the depths of despair. It became a life changing event for me and ever since then, I have accessed and allowed them to continue to enhance my existence here on Earth.  

Working with Archangels and many different Ascended Masters gives me the abilities to help others in the most miraculous of ways.  I feel a deep sense of ancient wisdom and unique healing methods that come through my being during each session.

Every healing heals me in some way and it is the most profound experience for all concerned.  One becomes aware that the key to happiness is shedding and letting go of the emotional pain we have endured and forgiving the circumstances and people involved.  

Ultimately, through a process of spirit releasement and the removal of past and present life contracts, our mental, physical,  emotional, and spiritual bodies can come together united in the love that we came to Earth to experience.