Welcome to my blog!

Basking in the light.

Basking in the light.

Welcome to the first blog on this, my brand new website!  As evidenced by current world events and our own changing lives, our planet is moving into the new Golden Age!

It is a time of changing relationships and the rekindling of our beautiful soul groups, the people we have emigrated to Earth together with time after time after time.

We are currently being continually challenged to use compassion instead of condemnation, to pray instead of to worry,  to smile instead of to frown, to honor ourselves through healthy boundaries, and to trust in the unseen world of pure divine love and light.   

As we are sensitive human beings, it can be very easy to slip into ego thoughts of fear, and physical or mental self destruction.  The divine has taught me, that each one of us are miracle healers and that we create our destinies. We attract with our light what we either need to learn or what is being magnetized through our thoughts and feelings karma or unresolved issues or relationships.  

For me, I am also in the throes of very personal change.  I am changing my thoughts and intentions.  Each day it is a continual process to remind myself that I am responsible for what I think, what I say, and the actions that I need to take to move forward in my life.  It is up to me to be positive and nurture myself in the most optimistic ways. 

I have learned, sometimes in difficult ways, that above all, we must trust and honor the light which is our heart.  The heart always leads us in the right direction.  It is up to us to listen to our inner voice, to trust our source and the knowingness that the right path is always the one of truth and integrity.