Psychic Reading and Energy Healing-what are the differences?

It is endlessly fascinating to me how energy works!  When I first began, I did not understand what the difference a psychic reading and energy healing.  And lately, I have come to realize that it is most important to understand for clarification.

Firstly, healing is something that human beings cannot quantify.  It is indeed a blessing when one can train themselves to "hear" their divine guidance and it is even more of a gift to give it to others.  Most imperative, is that a psychic reading come through the channels of love and light and less from a human filter or perspective.  False information can easily slide through with a sleight of hand from the ego.  Psychic readings can give very worthy information, yet what we do  with the information given is what is important.  

Energy Healing and Psychic Readings do each have their place, but it is important to the seeker to know which one is appropriate for their spiritual growth.  Many people either walk around with what they consider to be a deficit about themselves, or they are unclear on how to extricate themselves from the past, present, or have created a lack of love and direction and now are living out the consequences. Energy healing transcends time and allows the conduit or the healer to access different stages of different peoples lives, either in the parallel, present, or the past thus offering freedom from different types of emotional pain.