This is the first chance I have had to write since the Looking Within event happened at The Yoga Center of Newburyport.  I was so delighted and thankful at the sold out crowd of light workers and the level of love in the room was palpable and warm with divine white light .  People who had never before met in this lifetime, became friends and it was as if the angels had orchestrated a class reunion.  

Many of us are meeting long lost soulmates at this pivotal time of our planet's evolution into higher levels or love and light.  The meetings are usually by chance and may only be for a few minutes or become a lasting friendship. It is always astonishing to me how the divine has everything planned out and how we only need to delve deep into our feelings and ask them to help us to understand the signs to enjoy the sublime loving connection to Source. Somehow when we are ready, they find a way to show it to us whether it is a visit through mediumship or a synchronistic event, the divine knows. Trust your inner guidance and trust in love!