Sometimes,  my childhood surfaces through the memories of the euphemisms of my father's lexicon.  He, a high school drop out, instead elected to go fight for his country in  World War II. And  finally many years later, at the urging of my sister, received his high school diploma at age 70. A gentle soul, he used to read the dictionary for pleasure and enjoyed the English language. He proudly  expanded his vocabulary by utilizing it whenever appropriate with my  brother, sister, and I.

  These memories open the door to the good and not so good parts of childhood, a light admonishment, not paying attention to its wisdom back then:  and yet, how apropos, as it now illuminates  the  innards of my mind;  shedding light on my life as I remember it then, and how I experience it now. 

  The healing that is done through me and what I and many others are now experiencing,  is clearing the once cluttered  basement and the attic of this life and past life experiences. Once dealt with and gone, we clear the energetic space to dream and create! We must stop wasting our time creating illusions of blockages and negativity. We now have the tools to make our dreams come true!  As my father gently but firmly said, "Do not give up, we must try, try, and try again."  

As we move through the energy of the past, and into the present moment of creation, we enter eternal light. The power of being a conscious creator who honors the God, Goddess and all that is; our sustenance, our abundance, and our unending power and belief in the greatness of being an active  participant of Source Energy.